April 2020

Men In Pants

When we talk of men in their pants, we talk of men and their bodies. When we talk of men and their bodies, we talk of men and their core selves. For so many men, appearing publicly in underwear constitutes a recurring nightmare. Conversely, for a gym-honed show-off, there lies a natural compulsion to point his camera-phone at the bathroom mirror every time he flexes at full pelt before cheerfully, shamelessly self-publishing the results.

These are the polarities. In between, just a lot of ordinary men going about their business, developing mysterious relationships with their underwear which they will only share with their closest intimates.

For ‘Men In Pants’, we set about unravelling these unspoken peccadillos. The idea was simple enough. Josh Hight would take photos of men in underwear and Paul Flynn would quiz them how they felt about that discreet and revealing corner of their wardrobes.

These are the results. What secrets we keep beneath our clothes.

Words by Paul Flynn / Photography by Josh Hight / Styling by Stuart Williamson / Print by Push / Art Direction and Design by StudioSmall
with our friends at Sunspel

March 2020


Continuing our relationship with Mae architects we created a pocket sized manifesto to communicate their thought leadership in designing future public and private housing.

Alongside showcasing their work it outlines the 4 key challenges that need to be addressed to create better living environments from the macro to micro.

February 2020

MH50 Exhibition

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Margaret Howell, Margaret has collaborated with filmmaker Emily Richardson on a short film exploring Margaret’s enduring inspirations that form the essence of the Margaret Howell brand

To support this we created a title mark and information graphics for a display of early work and personal memorabilia from the Margaret Howell Archive at their Wigmore Street shop.

February 2020

Modus Identity

Having worked with Modus furniture for over six years, we have recently completed redesigning and refining their identity. Partnering with Dalton Maag, we updated the logotype by refining it to a single weight, as well as exploring further the specific objective of the M marque.

We also took the opportunity to introduce a softer, muted colour palette, and a new typographic treatment.

January 2020

Christopher Farr

For over 30 years artist and designer Christopher Farr has been creating contemporary handmade rugs to order. Together with business partner Matthew Bourne they have maintained a dedication to quality and an uncompromising pursuit of beauty that has helped revolutionise rug design and restore rug-making to the status of fine art. Christopher Farr rugs are now a frequent sight at global art and design exhibitions, and in the homes of connoisseurs and collectors worldwide. StudioSmall was hired last year to design and develop their new website with the introduction of new typefaces and more space and to give it a clean and contemporary feel.

January 2020

Sunspel SS20

Shot in mid August last year, the location for the SS2o Sunspel Campaign was a pretty impressive Art Deco mansion in Pevensey Bay. In between rain showers, we were lucky enough to get the vast bright blue skies you sometimes see on England’s South Coast, which provided the perfect backdrop to the new collection that features rich azures and deeper blues.

Film & Photography — Josh Hight
Stylist — Stuart Williamson
Hair & Make-Up — Teddy Mitchell